Your Non-Profit Gets a FREE SYSTEM.
Your FREE system comes with no strings, no gimmicks, just a FREE Unlimited System for your use as you see fit.

You have Total Control on what everyone sees.

We are doing this because we need to get as many folks downloading the LocalBeacons App from the App Stores as possible and when you get your own system, you'll want your members to have it so you can communicate your message to them as needed.

In addition to the SmarterBeacon system you also get your own Smarter.Marketing® Suite which includes a SmarterApp that will do some incredible things for your mission.
Here is how it all goes down...

Some of your members will be Business Owners and when they download the app and begin to experience it's sheer power, a little light will go off and they will want to inquire about using it in their business.

When that happens, they click a link and indicate where they heard about it, and if that's you GREAT things can happen.
Not FundRaising
Once they are set up with their own system and after their free trial period, you start earning a Monthly Check, month after month, for as long as they stay with us, as long as they remain.

Think about it, you did Nothing other than use an incredible system and you could start earning $5.00 each and every month for EVERY business that comes to us after seeing your system.
This part is totally optional and you don't have to opt-in to it if you don't want.
If you only want a Free system, Great. We'll set it up but if you want to tap into that "Found Money" let us know.
You didn't do anything other than share a link to download the App.
A sharp business owner will realize the benefits and want to know more.
They take it upon themselves to contact us, NOT YOU. We take care of everything.
When they get set up, you start earning a Monthly Check.
All this happens Virally, the business takes it upon themselves to inquire.
You aren't selling, soliciting, not even are just using the system, and if they see the value they will want to know more and THEY will initiate the conversation, Not us and Not you.
We give you Two Options:
A One Time $50 Referral after they become a paying member, (or)
$5 for each and every month that the business stays with us, as long as they are with us.
Contact me personally and we'll get this going. I'll get you set up in our system and coordinate with you on your referrals, keeping you in the loop as to the progress with a monthly report.

It's important to remember that you literally do NOTHING other than use your system and let your members know about it, that's all. If a business owner sees value they will contact us. If by chance they contact you or someone in your organization, just have them use the contact information on the site.

Contact me directly and we'll talk. Dr. Rick Mayer,, 801-913-5566.

Again, there is No Cost to your non-profit organization.